Rates For Single Engine Airplane Training

Aircraft Rental: $135 per hour for Cessna 172

Instruction: $40 per hour for Ground and Flight Instruction

Flight Review: Hourly Rates, $100 average plus aircraft rental 

For test written test preparation and weekend ground schools please contact me for pricing.


Private Pilot License FAR/AIM Part 61.109 Requirements: 

Must log at least 40 hours of flight time.

20 hours must be from flight training

10 hours of solo flight  

  • 3 hours of cross country flight training
  • 5 hours of solo cross country    
    •  One solo cross country of at least 150 nautical miles, 3 take offs and 3 full stop landings at 3 airports, one of which must have an operating control tower.  One leg must be more than 50 nautical miles. (each landing must involve a flight in the traffic pattern)
  • 3 hours of night flight training that includes      
    •  One cross country of 100 nautical miles 
    •  10 full stop take offs and landings   
  • 3 hours of instrument training.
  • 3 hours of flight training in preparation for the practical test preformed within 2 calendar months from the month of the test.

Note:  Training hours vary depending on the student and the time he/she devotes.  The average training time is 60 hours flight time, 40 hours flight instruction, and 20 hours of ground instruction.  

Instrument Training:  Coming Soon!

Commercial Training:  Contact me to review your current hours and I will design a program to help you reach your goals!